UPDATED: Forestry England will be clear felling in Chase Wood

The works to harvest Penyard hill have started today.

Contractors working for Forestry England will be clear felling the Corsican Pine as part of our West District design plan for this area. The timber will then be processed and used for mainly fencing and furniture. The plan is to then replant next year and restore the area to broadleaf.  A map of where the works will be taking place can be seen by clicking this link:

Penyard harvesting

The Parish Council is liaising with Forestry England to ensure the well-used footpath from Lawns Farm towards Ross remains safe and accessible, and any traffic using Church Lane drives safely.  Please do take care, when walking on any of the paths in the area outlined in yellow on the map.  We have also advised the school, as children often go on nature walks in these woods.

The works are due to continue for some while; you will notice a significant operational presence in the woodland with banks persons, harvesting machinery, signage and timber stacks. The works will have some visual impact on the woodland, those walking, cycling will notice rutting of the forest track and some areas may look messy and will become very muddy where machinery has been. This will be reinstated where necessary on completion of the work. Harvesting contracts can sometimes be quite drawn out and work may stop for some time due to the many constraints that we have to work around.

The woodland will remain open throughout our harvesting operations, the most important thing for us is to keep the public, our staff, and contractors safe. We will have safety and operational signage displayed, diversions, closures, and banks persons in position where needed. This is for your safety, whether you can see or hear us working, it is important you read and listen to all instructions very carefully and obey all instruction.

We are aware that there are a number of unofficial bike trails in this area, therefore we may have to block these off for the safety of the forest users and the forestry workers. Signage will be placed on site over the coming weeks.

Litter pick – 10th and 11th April 2021

We’ll be having a community litter pick on Saturday and Sunday 10th and 11th April 2021.  If you can afford an hour to litter pick a street or two of the village that would be much appreciated.  Bags, sticks, tabards and routes will be provided.

Collect a route and some equipment from the Village Hall Car Park at 10.00 am on either the Saturday or the Sunday.  Full instructions about where to leave collected litter and how to return equipment will be given to you then.

Everything will be done to respect social distancing rules etc.

Please come along and support this initiative to tidy up the village ready for the opening up of lock-down from the following Monday.

Many thanks – The Parish Council.

Play equipment update

Weston under Penyard Parish Council Playground update

Good news!  Installation of the new play equipment is on schedule and we have our first planning meeting with the contractors on site in early March.  Good news too in that the Lottery money that we were awarded has been added to by a donation from the Village Hall Committee enabling us to include a large new feature.  This will be a ‘Trim Trail’ which will be slightly more challenging for older children.  A couple of representations of what it will look like is shown below (the lower section of the top picture shows it the best).

The new trail will run alongside the aerial runway at the far end of the installation.

We are hoping to add one more piece of equipment – something for the very little ones and we are keen to raise the money for that locally – more of that in due course…

Roll on the end of lock-down, some sunny weather and a great place for children, families and younger people to gather and enjoy time together in the village.

Adrian Bagg – for the Project team




Notice of Vacancy on the Parrish Council

We have a vacancy to join the Parish Council.  Given there has been no demand for an election – the Parish Council will co-opt a new member.  If you are interested in standing for co-option – please contact the Clerk as soon as possible.  Thank you.

Muddy paths and tidy walkers…

In the current lock down many of us are enjoying the clean country air whilst walking our parish footpaths.  Combined with the usual winter rains. the footpaths are becoming quite muddy in places.  This is a request for all walkers to stay on the paths and not trample the valuable crops.  Crops such as barley might look like grass, but even grass is an important food crop for farm animals.  Please wear the appropriate footwear and keep to the paths – the mud is part of country life!

Thank you too to all the dog-walkers who use a black plastic bag to clean up after your dogs.  But you need to take the bag away and bin it.  Maybe someone just forgot to pick this one up on their return…   If you do leave a bag to pick up on the way back, please remember to do so, otherwise it just leaves an unsightly and unhealthy mess for someone else to sort, which is not fair on anyone.  Let’s treat our parish with respect.


New Play equipment project approved

The Parish Council has approved the project to replace the play equipment.  A newsletter has been sent out with more details.  If you would like a copy, please contact the Clerk.  Below is an artist’s impression of what it will look like.  We hope to have it all up and running by May this year.

New walk added to walks section

The walk for February is specially selected to avoid most of the mud that can be encountered at this time of the year and so the route takes in quite a few lanes.  The walk is quite gentle to get you going after the excesses of the Christmas season, but next month we will give you something more challenging to match the new fitness regime you might be promising yourself.

Getting outdoors on our local walks is still the best thing we can do as the lock down continues, but please make sure that all the rules are followed and that you do not stray from the rights of way.

Message about Christmas from the Police and Crime Commissioner

Our local Police and Crime Commissioner has asked that we share his message with the local community.  He writes as follows:

As your Police and Crime Commissioner, my role is to ensure your priorities are acted on, your voice is heard and your community is kept safe. I work hard to engage with communities across Herefordshire, Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin and Worcestershire to hear their views and priorities on how to maintain a safe West Mercia.

This year we are facing a different kind of Christmas, a Christmas with circumstances we all wish were different, and one where we must adapt our celebrations. This does not change the nature of the holiday; it is still a time for family, friends and looking out for one another, but this year more than ever the latter rings true.

It is important we spend time with our loved ones, but it is vital we do so sensibly. By following the guidelines in place, we can protect not only ourselves and our families, but each and every member of our community.

For more information about my role, my priorities, and the work I do within our community, visit my website: https://www.westmercia-pcc.gov.uk/

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion
Email: opcc@westmercia.pnn.police.uk
Phone: 01905 331656

New footbridge and steps completed

Since June 2019 we have being trying to get contractors to rectify a failed bridge and dangerous steps where footpath WP2 crosses a stream near Lea Bailey.  This work has now finally been completed in an excellent manner.

There are some picture below.  Enjoy the new safe walking in the Parish!Before and after pioctures