Weston under Penyard

Weston under Penyard (51.9o north, 2.5o west) lies 2 miles east of Ross-on-Wye in Herefordshire.  The main road running through the parish is the A40.  It is roughly 18 miles to Hereford, 14 miles to Ledbury, 14 miles to Monmouth, 15 miles to Gloucester, 60 miles to Birmingham, 48 miles to Bristol, 50 miles to Cardiff and about 125 miles to London.



The population of the parish in October 2013 was 1,005, including 125 children under the age of 16. The population in the 2002 census was 834.  The population had increased by 20.5% since 2002.  The percentage increase in the population between 2001 and 2011 was more than 5 times higher than the percentage change in the population of Herefordshire as a whole and 3 times higher than for England as a whole during that period.


In October 2013 there were 445 households in the parish. These included 60 single pensioner households and 140 pensioner households altogether;  this was well above the average for England.  275 people were over 65, double the average percentage for England.  There were 5 lone parent families with children, in this case well below the average for England.  There were 605 adults of working age.  30 people were from ethnic minorities and 40 people were born outside the UK.  Most people in the parish who were born outside England were born in Wales.

St Lawrence’s church and the Weston Cross public house are in the village of Weston under Penyard.  There is also a small primary school, a village hall and a recreation ground in the village.  The last shop closed well over 20 years ago and the railway station long before that.

In 2011 there were 294 detached houses in the parish, representing 62.2% of the housing stock and well above the average in England of 22.3%.  There were also 100 semi-detached and 60 terraced houses.  345 dwellings were owner-occupied, 77.7% of households and well above the 64.1% owner-occupation average across England.  33 homes were privately rented and 49 dwellings were rented from housing associations or from the local authority.  Owner-occupation declined and private renting went up nationally between 2001 and 2011.  15 households lived in overcrowded conditions and 60 households were estimated to be in ‘fuel poverty’, which is above average for England.  11 households lacked central heating.  In 2011 there were 29 vacant household spaces, 6.1% of households in the parish.

The largest employment sector for residents in 2011 was retail (85 employees). The next largest employment sectors were health and social work (55 employees) and education (also 55 employees).  140 residents were employed in the public sector.  109 residents were in part-time employment, 135 were self-employed and 75 were working from home.  A high level of 22% of residents in employment were in managerial occupations.  27.8% of residents in employment were in professional or associated occupations, 13.6% worked in skilled trades and only 7.6% in elementary occupations.  The average weekly household income was above the national average.  There were 45 working age benefit claimants in 2012, half the average for England.

315 residents aged 16 and over had degree level qualifications in 2011, over 35% of the over 16s in the parish and well above the average for England.  170 residents over 16 had no academic qualifications, which was below the average for England.

Recorded crime in Herefordshire is only two thirds of the overall level for England.