The Parish sets a three year plan to forecast income and expenditure.  The current approved plan is available below.

Three year plan 2022-2025 agreed version- October 2021

Listed below are the agreed annual budgets for the Parish Council.  The Parish Council reviews income and expenditure every month and you will find an update on the latest position in the Meeting Papers for the most recent meeting.

WUPPC Budget 2022-23

WUPPC Budget 2021-22 (amended)

Given the large number of reserves created at the end of 2020/21 primarily due to projects slipping in the pandemic, the Parish Council approved a revised budget for the year, including the various reserves into the budget line items for more transparent tracking of expenditure through 2021-22.  There were no other changes other than the addition of the reserves.

2021-22 budget amended

WUPPC Budget 2020-21

WUPPC Budget 2019-20

WUPPC Budget 2018-19