Public Rights of Way Improvement Plan

The Parish Council is making considerable investment in improving footpaths in the parish for the benefit of walkers, dog owners and landowners.  An update on the progress that has been made so far can be seen here on our Miles without Stiles project.

A number of walks within the Parish are available under the ‘General Information’ tab on the menu bar.

A survey was conducted in April 2019 into Public Rights of Way in the parish.  A copy is available here:

Weston under Penyard PROW Survey Report April 2019

This generated an improvement plan which is accessible here:

WUP PROW Improvement Plan May 2019 – Rev 1

There was also a survey of footpaths undertaken in October 2016, available here:

13.1PROW Baseline Survey Report Oct 2016-2

2 thoughts on “Public Rights of Way Improvement Plan”

  1. It would be much better for us dog walkers if there were more gates instead of stiles which are impassable to dogs , but the real problem at the moment is the grass on the paths .Even before the rain the paths are so overgrown they can’t be walked. Nettles etc. at waist height , long grass . I don’t know who is responsible for mowing but we can’t walk public footpaths in this condition .

    • Thank you Anne. There is currently a plan underway to replace stiles with gates across the Parish. In partnership with landowners, the Parish Council has adopted a long-term improvement plan and has already installed 4 new gates in a first phase involving a total of 19 gates to replace the old stiles. We have a number of further gates on order, some of which will be installed by the Parish Council and some by landowners. Once we have installed a few more, we will provide an update on the website.

      Landowners are responsible for maintaining footpaths and you can always report issues through the Parish Clerk using the Contact the Clerk button on the site. The Parish Council has a footpaths officer who liaises with the landowners and Lengthsman, so we will do our best to get issues sorted, although we do recognise that farmers are very busy at this time of year.


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