Public Rights of Way Improvement Plan

The Parish Council is making considerable investment in improving footpaths in the parish for the benefit of walkers, dog owners and landowners.  Progress has been slightly delayed due to Covid19 but new gates are on order and ready to be installed as soon as we can get working again, making walking in the area accessible to even more people.

Everyone has a responsibility to look after footpaths, including walkers.  These responsibilities can be found in the documents below in the items starting ‘D’  which you may find useful.

We are creating a series of walks for people to enjoy within the Parish.  The first of these are available in the documents below.  These are shown in the items starting W.

Any feedback on the walks is most welcome and can be given via the Clerk.

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Thumbnail for D1-The-Countryside-Code-Natural-England.pdfD1-The-Countryside-Code-Natural-England.pdf

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18th September 2020
Thumbnail for D2-Public-Rights-of-Way-Advice-for-Farmers-and-Landowners.pdfD2-Public-Rights-of-Way-Advice-for-Farmers-and-Landowners.pdf

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18th September 2020
Thumbnail for D3-Public-rights-of-way-Landowner-responsibilities.pdfD3-Public-rights-of-way-Landowner-responsibilities.pdf

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18th September 2020
Thumbnail for D4-Public-rights-of-way-Local-highway-authority-responsibilities.pdfD4-Public-rights-of-way-Local-highway-authority-responsibilities.pdf

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18th September 2020
Thumbnail for W1-WUP-VH-Frogmore-Loop-2_1-miles.pdfW1-WUP-VH-Frogmore-Loop-2_1-miles.pdf

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18th September 2020
Thumbnail for W2-The-Fording-and-Burton-Court-from-Weston-under-Penyard-6_7-miles.pdfW2-The-Fording-and-Burton-Court-from-Weston-under-Penyard-6_7-miles.pdf

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18th September 2020


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A survey was conducted in April 2019 into Public Rights of Way in the parish.  A copy is available here:

Weston under Penyard PROW Survey Report April 2019

This generated an improvement plan which is accessible here:

WUP PROW Improvement Plan May 2019 – Rev 1

There was also a survey of footpaths undertaken in October 2016, available here:

13.1PROW Baseline Survey Report Oct 2016-2

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