Council members and responsibilities

Your Parish Council members are listed below, along with any particular roles they fulfill. The Parish Council has four working groups to ensure the work of the Parish Council is done in a timely manner. Working groups bring recommendations to the Parish Council for approval. The groups are Planning, Highways and Public Rights of Way (PROW), Finance, Administration and Communication and Environment and Climate Change. Details of the full responsibilities of each working group can be found here.

Linda Dunn (Chairman)

Ex officio member of all working groups
Chris Morris (Vice Chairman)

Environment and Climate Change group
Finance, Admin & Communications group
Liam Kearns

Planning Group
Highways and PROW group
John Smart

Footpaths Officer
Steve Wilks

Environment & Climate Change group

Ian Hatton

Helen Barker

Highways and PROW group
Crime and Police Liaison
Adrian Bagg

Finance, Admin and Communications group
Greg White

Planning Group

Nick Richmond

Email the ClerkClerk’s contact details:
Unitas Villa
Camp road
01989 563472