Opportunity to join the Parish Council

Weston under Penyard Parish Council consists of ten Councillors all of whom are volunteers.  Due to one Councillor moving away, we now have a vacancy.  The council is a team of hard working individuals all of whom bring something different to the pro-active work the council does, working on issues which affect our parish and getting them addressed in order to maintain the area we all call home.

The council meets on the first Thursday evening of every month (except February and August) at the moment via Zoom although normally in the village hall.  There are also sub groups that meet between main council meetings.

If you feel you can contribute fully to the council and the residents of our parish please contact the clerk using the link below or Linda Dunn (chair) – lmarydunn@sky.com (01989 562818) for more information on the role and to have an informal chat.

While you are here, do have a look around the site to find more information about the work that the Parish Council does.  Hopefully it will inspire you to join us.

Join in the Countryside Clean-up 2020


The Countryside Alliance’s Countryside Clean-up has been rescheduled to take place on the weekend of 19th – 20th September.

Weston under Penyard is joining in the Clean-up and so if you could spend an hour or two to do some litter picking in the Parish, ideally on the weekend of 19th and 20th of September, that would be great.

We have litter pick kits available to borrow (all santised and safe) including pick sticks, tabards, plastic bags and instructions.  You can use your own equipment or borrow a kit from Linda Dunn at The Olde Shoppe opposite the Weston Cross pub. Please call Linda on 01989 562818 or email lmarydunn@sky.com to arrange a convenient time to collect them.

When you have finished with them, you can return them there as well. If you want to hold on to a stick and tabard for a while to do several litter picks, just let Linda know that when you pick them up.

When you have finished, please take your filled bags to the Village Hall car park and put them into the large waste container there.

Let’s all play our part to keep the village as litter free as possible.

Neighbourhood Development Plan Mailing list closed

We had lots of interest in the development of the Weston under Penyard Neighbourhood Development Plan.  Many people subscribed to receive updates on this as it was developing.  Now that it is all finalised, we are going to delete this mailing list and no longer hold any data.  Everyone on the list has been written to.

If you would like to stay connected with what is happening in the Parish, we send out a newsletter from time to time covering pertinent information and we would be delighted if you would like to subscribe to that (if you do not already do so).  If you do, we do not use your data for any other purpose than to send you our newsletter.

You can subscribe to the Newsletter from our website using the link at the bottom right of  our web pages.

Thank you again for all your interest and support in developing our Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Surface water and localised flooding in Weston under Penyard

There are many areas worse than Weston under Penyard for flooding, but even here we have our share of localised flooding on the roads.  This is not helped by Herefordshire Council’s inability to keep up with the maintenance of the highways drainage systems and things are only likely to get worse as we experience more frequent and heavier rainfall.

We now have a rare opportunity to improve the resilience of our highways drainage systems by applying to Herefordshire Council for a share of the £250,000 they have just allocated for such work.  Based on the good work that our Parish Lengthsman has been doing we already have a good idea of the main problem areas around the parish.

We would welcome all your suggestions for places where the drainage could be improved.  We need this information ideally within the first week of September in order in submit our grant application on time.

We may not get a huge amount of money but every little helps, as they say.   The grant funding is not for the A40 as this is covered by Herefordshire Council directly.

Please do report problems with all highway drainage (including the the A40) to the Parish Council via the Clerk as well  to Herefordshire Council through their online reporting website Report Problems on the Road.

Weston under Penyard Parish Footpaths – Reasons To Be Cheerful

During the current lockdown it is clear that many more of you are getting outside and using the local footpaths. If you have not, then you might want to consider this:

Reasons to be cheerful

  • However much you are isolating due to Covid-19, we are still allowed to get outside to exercise with members of our own household
  • Walking is proven to improve our physical and mental well-being
  • We live in a wonderful part of the country and have no need to drive anywhere
  • We have 15 miles of footpaths within the parish that you have a right to walk
  • It is springtime and the wildflowers, trees and birds are all performing for us
  • The winter’s mud is long gone, and the footpaths are now at their best
  • The weather continues to be superb for walking (at the time of writing in mid-May)

So, what are you waiting for? Maybe you do not know where these footpaths are and so here is some help for you. Just click on the link below for a map of the parish showing all the rights of way. The footpaths are shown in purple and the roads in red.

Where a footpath commences at a road you will find a fingerpost. All stiles and gates are marked with round waymarkers to keep you on track.

Some words of warning

  • When walking, make sure you follow the current government advise about Covid-19
  • All our footpaths in Weston under Penyard are on private land. We have a right to walk only on the footpaths and we must not wander over the fields
  • Keep dogs under effective control and ensure they do not stray off the path or area where you have a right of access. To avoid spreading disease to livestock, please ensure that you clear up any dog poo.
  • Our parish footpaths are only open to walkers and are not open to horse-riders, cyclists and motorcyclists
  • The walks shown here on our parish map are known as Public Rights of Way. Additional footpaths are included on maps issued by Ordnance Survey, but we have no right to walk them.
  • Finally, for the benefit of all residents and landowners, please comply with the Countryside Code provided by Natural England (attached below).

Please feel free to let us know if you agree that our footpaths are Reasons To Be Cheerful.  Also, whether you are a landowner or a walker, if you have any problems to report or just need advice please contact the Parish Footpaths Officer or the Parish Clerk.

Parish Footpaths Officer – Councillor John Smart – 1johnsmart@gmail.com
Parish Clerk – Nick Richmond westonunderpenyardparishclerk@outlook.com

You can also report footpath problems to Herefordshire Council at https://myaccount.herefordshire.gov.uk/report-a-public-right-of-way-problem

Emap – Highway & Footpaths WESTON-UNDER-PENYARD (1)

The Countryside Code – Natural England (1)

Below – footpath restored thanks to a local farmer