All the financial information relating to the Parish can be found by following the links below.

The Parish Council maintains a three year plan, which is refreshed each year prior to budget setting.  The current version of the plan may be found by clicking this link: Three year plan 2022-2025 approved version

Other financial documents can be found below.

Annual Budget

The Parish Council sets a budget each year outlining income and expenditure.  You can examine this year’s and previous years’ budgets by clicking the link opposite. Budget

Monthly Financial Reporting

Each month, the Parish Council considers expenditure against budget as part of its regular meetings.  The up-to-date position will be in the meeting papers for the most recent month which you can access by clicking the link opposite.  You will see the report under the agenda item ‘To receive and approve the budget report’ and can find the report against the relevant paper number in the papers for that meeting. Meeting papers

Published Accounts

The published accounts of the Parish Council at the end of each year, plus the associated audit forms are available by following the link opposite. Accounts

If you would like to view the full annual accounts – they are available to view by appointment with the Parish Clerk during the month of August each year.  The published accounts are always available as per the table above.

If you have any questions about the Parish Finances, please contact the Clerk.