UPDATED: Forestry England will be clear felling in Chase Wood

The works to harvest Penyard hill have started today.

Contractors working for Forestry England will be clear felling the Corsican Pine as part of our West District design plan for this area. The timber will then be processed and used for mainly fencing and furniture. The plan is to then replant next year and restore the area to broadleaf.  A map of where the works will be taking place can be seen by clicking this link:

Penyard harvesting

The Parish Council is liaising with Forestry England to ensure the well-used footpath from Lawns Farm towards Ross remains safe and accessible, and any traffic using Church Lane drives safely.  Please do take care, when walking on any of the paths in the area outlined in yellow on the map.  We have also advised the school, as children often go on nature walks in these woods.

The works are due to continue for some while; you will notice a significant operational presence in the woodland with banks persons, harvesting machinery, signage and timber stacks. The works will have some visual impact on the woodland, those walking, cycling will notice rutting of the forest track and some areas may look messy and will become very muddy where machinery has been. This will be reinstated where necessary on completion of the work. Harvesting contracts can sometimes be quite drawn out and work may stop for some time due to the many constraints that we have to work around.

The woodland will remain open throughout our harvesting operations, the most important thing for us is to keep the public, our staff, and contractors safe. We will have safety and operational signage displayed, diversions, closures, and banks persons in position where needed. This is for your safety, whether you can see or hear us working, it is important you read and listen to all instructions very carefully and obey all instruction.

We are aware that there are a number of unofficial bike trails in this area, therefore we may have to block these off for the safety of the forest users and the forestry workers. Signage will be placed on site over the coming weeks.

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