Muddy paths and tidy walkers…

In the current lock down many of us are enjoying the clean country air whilst walking our parish footpaths.  Combined with the usual winter rains. the footpaths are becoming quite muddy in places.  This is a request for all walkers to stay on the paths and not trample the valuable crops.  Crops such as barley might look like grass, but even grass is an important food crop for farm animals.  Please wear the appropriate footwear and keep to the paths – the mud is part of country life!

Thank you too to all the dog-walkers who use a black plastic bag to clean up after your dogs.  But you need to take the bag away and bin it.  Maybe someone just forgot to pick this one up on their return…   If you do leave a bag to pick up on the way back, please remember to do so, otherwise it just leaves an unsightly and unhealthy mess for someone else to sort, which is not fair on anyone.  Let’s treat our parish with respect.


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