Roads and Paths

There is an extensive network of footpaths in the Parish for everyone’s enjoyment.  Use the drop-down menu under Roads and Paths above to find local walks and to read about our Miles without Stiles project.

We have a Parish Council subgroup that looks after the many Highways (Roads) and Footpaths we have in the Parish.  Whilst we can do some work with Parish Council funds, most Highway issues need to be addressed by Herefordshire Council.  The more people that report issues, the higher up the list of potholes to fill and blocked drains they will go.  Please see below on how to report issues.

These are some of the issues on our roads that we have completed over the past six months, working with the contractors and our Lengthsman

Location Issue
Rectory Lane in Weston Surface water flooding the road at A40 junction
School Lane in Weston Blocked gullies near the School now cleared
Bolitree Castle Blocked drainage pipe from Bolitree farm entrance into the moat at Bolitree Castle
Weston Roundabout Installation of light shrouds on street lights
A40 Gullies 8 gullies now cleared at Penyard House, Church Lane in Weston and Wharton Lodge

The Parish Council has a limited budget for work on our Highways and for this year we have so far been granted less than 25% of the funds we requested for drainage work in the Parish.  We will prioritise drainage works in Weston which affect a number of residents and hope that during the year we are able to complete more drainage works when funds are allocated by the County Council

Location Issue
Pontshill Puddle We have now  referred this to the local MP for assistance in getting the problem resolved. Discussions with utility companies have not been productive in implementing a plan to solve the problem.
Rudhall Mill Verge This project is now in the plan for 2022 for the Contractors to complete.  We are working with them on a timeframe for completion
Buryhill Lane and Rectory Lane Resurfacing work for the lanes needed to remove multiple potholes . Time fame being reviewed with the Contractors this summer
Seabrook Place Dropped kerbs in several locations are required for residents including disabled access and improved safety for pedestrians
Bus Stop in Weston A plan to modify the site has been agreed with contractors and the bus company so that the temporary bus stop can be removed. A time frame has been requested from the Contractors.

The Contractors have recently set up bimonthly Zoom meetings for Highways teams in all parishes to improve communication and understanding of the process.  We look forward to using this development to improve our follow up process of the key projects in our Parish.

Thank you for your support and continued cooperation which help our group maintain and improve the Highways in our Parish.

Logging highway defects

To ensure your defect gets logged and reported to the right team for investigation it must be reported through the correct channels or it may be missed. Please also ensure you provide as much detailed information as possible (including photos) and ensure the location is accurate to enable the defect to be dealt with as efficiently as possible.

All defects should be reported via the HC website or through customer services, or if an emergency through the emergency phone number. DO NOT report emergencies through the website, phone them in.

If you spot a defect on the network, you’ve got two options for reporting it:

  • You can raise a report on the council website, via the Travel and Transport page, then subsection Roads.
  • Or, you can call the Customer Services Team on 01432 261800. For emergencies, you should always report by telephone.
  • You can check the progress of a defect, or see if it’s already been logged, via the progress map on council website.
  • You can also find up to date information about Herefordshire highway works, including road closures and diversions, on

Balfour Beatty tweet to @HfdsStreets to let road users know about all things highways.  You can also find them on Facebook – check out Herefordshire Highways page.

Footpath issues

These are now being delivered by Herefordshire Council and any enquiries should now be directed through the following email addresses or phone number: / 01432 383 550