Surface water and localised flooding in Weston under Penyard

There are many areas worse than Weston under Penyard for flooding, but even here we have our share of localised flooding on the roads.  This is not helped by Herefordshire Council’s inability to keep up with the maintenance of the highways drainage systems and things are only likely to get worse as we experience more frequent and heavier rainfall.

We now have a rare opportunity to improve the resilience of our highways drainage systems by applying to Herefordshire Council for a share of the £250,000 they have just allocated for such work.  Based on the good work that our Parish Lengthsman has been doing we already have a good idea of the main problem areas around the parish.

We would welcome all your suggestions for places where the drainage could be improved.  We need this information ideally within the first week of September in order in submit our grant application on time.

We may not get a huge amount of money but every little helps, as they say.   The grant funding is not for the A40 as this is covered by Herefordshire Council directly.

Please do report problems with all highway drainage (including the the A40) to the Parish Council via the Clerk as well  to Herefordshire Council through their online reporting website Report Problems on the Road.

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