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  1. I have yet again just waited a number of minutes on Hawthorns lane (just passed Hoovers Lane and the right turn to Pontshill) while a Bradfords delivery lorry and a Grindles coach manouvered passed each other. Allowing vehicles of such size on the lane is ridiculous and seems to be getting more prevalent with each passing month.
    I have dashcam footage of the incident if it is of any use to the council in any ongoing discussions with the County about these lanes … ???

    • Hello Neil
      I have replied to you by e-mail this morning but just for our records PC discussed your issue and suggest that as you have identified a particular company ie Grindles Coaches that are causing a traffic problem we could enlist the help of the Police Safer Neighbourhood Team who have offered to contact companies such as Grindles on behalf of residents. I provided you with the contact details but if you would like me to take this up with the police officer please let me know. Parish Clerk.


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