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Draft Minutes

Item 19.2 should appear under item 13.2.The appeal in the Weston News for suggestions for registering buildings or places as parish assets is to ascertain whether there are any more potential assets of community value. If nothing more arises, the “Community right to bid” item could be dropped from the agenda as has been recommended by councillors quite recently. Item 5 records that three applicants were co-opted onto the council but it does not say who they were. Similarly, the note of the meeting in the Weston News fails to report the identities of the three new councillors, which might be of interest to readers in the parish.
No doubt the section in the website for “Members” will list the three new councillors in due course. The section should add their contact details and responsibilities as well as including these details for the other councillors, which seems to have been overlooked in the recent past.

Chris Bailey


The website has been updated and now shows all current councillors including three recently co-opted. I will consult with council about contact details as essentially all contact should come vis the website or to the clerk.
Nick Richmond


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