Draft Minutes

Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held Thursday 6th June 2019
at 7.30 p.m. at Weston village hall.


Present: Chairman Linda Dunn, Rod Barker, Chris Morris, Linda McGill, Liam Kearns, Martin Firman, Deidre Byrne.
In attendance: Nick Richmond, Parish Clerk, John Smart, John Bonham, Terence Prince, Tree
Officer Paul Rutter, County Councillor William Wilding and parishioner Chris Bailey.
1. To receive apologies for absence.
No apologies – all elected Councillors present.

2. To receive declarations of interest and written requests for dispensations.
No declarations made.

3. Open Forum.
To receive the views of local residents on parish matters
Chris Bailey introduced his concerns about the increase and speed of traffic through Weston on
the A40, however it was agreed to consider this matter under Highways item 7 on the agenda.
Mr Bailey had made a specific request that the Parish Council write to Hereford Council
requesting that pedestrian refuges be placed at the locations of the three bus stops in Weston.

4. Minutes of previous meetings.
4.1 To agree and sign the minutes of The Parish Council Meeting on Thursday 16th May 2019.
It was RESOLVED: to agree and sign the minutes of The Parish Council Meeting on Thursday
16th May 2019.
It was reported that the April minutes were no longer on the website. Clerk to send Chris
Morris the signed minutes of both 16th May and 11th April to be placed on the website.

5. Co-option of applicants for three places on the Parish Council
5.1 The three remaining applicants ( there had been one withdrawal ) introduced themselves
individually to Council giving their backgrounds and their reasons for wishing to be co-opted to
Council. Given the wide experience of all three applicants they were all proposed and seconded
and unanimously appointed as co-opted members of the Council, and all signed declarations of
acceptance. Clerk is to obtain declaration of assets forms as required

6. To receive verbal reports and consideration of any necessary actions.
6.1 No verbal reports received.

7. Highways
7.1 A general discussion resumed relating to traffic calming and Chris Bailey’s suggestion of
pedestrian refuges. The increase in traffic through Weston on the A40 and speeding particularly
in relation to the extended 30mph section was mentioned although the SID has had a beneficial
effect on traffic from Ross. It was noted that Balfour Beatty had postponed the resurfacing work
on the A40 through Weston as they wanted to see what changes might come about as a result of
section 106 funds from the new housing development. It was decided that Council should list
it’s preferences for the use of these funds including traffic calming measures. Rod Barker
expressed that some issues might exist with road junctions in relation to pedestrian refuges, and
is to meet his contact at the Road Safety Partnership to discover what is feasible and possibly
invite them to the July meeting to present some alternatives.
John Smart introduced a pavement survey which noted that many places in the Parish have
insufficient pavements. Balfour Beatty are to remedy pavements at Hownhall. The pavements
into Ross have become overgrown and need clearing to allow ease of walking into Ross for
parishioners. John Smart is to write a report to be submitted to the Balfour Beatty locality
7.2 HGV vehicles in excess of 7.5T on the Pontshill-Bill Mills road.
Linda Dunn has phoned Cobrey Farms without response. Kevin Williams of Balfour Beatty
seemed to think the ‘access’ provision allowed larger vehicles to use the road, but has said they
will check the bridge at Bill Mills to assess it’s strength to take large HGV’s. Martin Firman
agreed to investigate the traffic order conditions under which Cobrey Farms are allowed to
receive such vehicles. Linda will in the meantime e-mail Cobrey Farms advising them of the
concerns of parishioners.
7.3 Re-siting of 30mph sign.
Nothing further has been heard from Balfour Beatty. It is a possibility that the matter rests with
Herefordshire Council’s legal department, and William Wilding is to find out if this is the case.
Clerk to email Bryan Davies who raised the objection to the sign being placed in his hedge to see
if he is aware of what is happening, as it is unsatisfactory that the sign is not complete.
7.4 Request for a sign at Hoovers Lane.
Rod Barker visited the originator of the issue and it is agreed by Council that a sign should be
installed, similar to the one at the end of Rectory Lane, to stop large vehicles using the lane and
getting stuck. The cost is £ 119.74 plus the cost of installation and Council agreed this
expenditure. he lengthsman to be contacted to carry out the installation.
7.5 SID update
The existing SID has not been working and no charge will be made for last month. The new SID
at the other end of Weston on the A40 will be ready in two months.
7.6 Speed review through Lea Bailey.
Lea Bailey held a residents meeting to discuss speeding at which William Wilding was present.
While not in favour of a 30mph limit, residents supported a welcome sign for safe drivers and a
‘gate’. Council was in favour of supporting a speed assessment survey and contributing to the
cost if necessary. Clerk to e-mail this response.

8. Lengthsman
It was identified that all road signs in the Parish require cleaning and trimming around them,
and a sign at Bury Hill Lane has fallen off and needs fixing. Also the sign at Hoovers Lane is a
job for the lengthsman. It was agreed by Council that Terry Prince would manage the
lengthsman given his background in Civil Engineering. The chairman please provide Terry with
contact details for Wayne.

9. Footpaths
9.1 John Smart’s comprehensive footpath improvement plan was approved by Council with their
thanks. Part of the report focuses on ‘Gates not Stiles’, self-closing gates being seen as the
preferred option under the Right of Way Improvement Plan. It was pointed out that farmers
may not always be in favour where livestock were involved. John advised that all footpaths
issues should be reported to him, and that he required 6/8 volunteers to monitor the condition
of footpaths across the parish.

10. Planning
No new planning applications were received.

11. Tree Report
Tree officer Paul Rutter advised that there are a significant number of trees in the Parish to be
identified for special protection as being important for bio-diversity. Paul has a group of people he
is working with and will undertake a tree survey. Council approved this as a project under NDP to
be titled ‘Weston Tree Enhancement Project’. Paul responded to an e-mail received from a
resident about dead trees in the hedge opposite the new development. He would report back that
the deceased trees may be left in place and not removed in order to enhance bio diversity, unless of
course the trees are at risk of failure and represent a danger.

12. Finance
12.1 The bank balances were noted as £ 32,053.44 and £ 3,524.46 as at 13th May 2019.
12.2 The budget v spend report was also noted. John Smart pointed out a dating error on the
accounts and an amendment required to the budget. Clerk to action. The internal audit by
HALC has not yet been received so an extraordinary meeting of Council will be required
before the end of June to agree the accounts.
12.3 The following were agreed to be paid:
12.3(a) £ 117.00 for use of the village hall for meetings.
12.3(b) £ 226.28 Clerk salary for May.
12.3(c) £ 56.57 Clerk tax May.

13. Parish Projects
13.1 Road Safety
Covered under highways item 7.
13.2 Community right to bid.
No update.
13.3 Services and Facilities
No update

14. Sponsorship of Community Champion’s Award
Martin Firman was congratulated by Council for the excellent work done in progressing the
awards. Councillors were encouraged to make local groups aware of the awards and more
leaflets are to be printed and distributed, including Weston Primary School.

15. Parish Council Booklet
Martin Firman reported that the booklet had been an insert in the June issue of the Weston
News. Positive feedback has been received which raises the profile of The Parish Council.

16. NDP
The potential need for a revision of the NDP will be held over as not required until early 2020,
but with the need to plan for it in mind.

17. Correspondence
19.1 A new e-mail regarding HGV’s on the Pontshill to Bill Mills road was discussed under
19.2 An additional item had been received from Chris Bailey requesting support for an item to go in
the Weston News asking parishioners to suggest buildings/places that could be registered as
parish assets in order to protect them. Council agreed to support this. Clerk to respond.

18. Items raised for the next agenda
None raised.

19. Date and place of the next meeting.
Next meeting will be held on Thursday 4th July at 7.30 pm at Weston Village Hall

Signed Chairman Date

2 thoughts on “Draft Minutes”

  1. Item 5 records that three applicants were co-opted onto the council but it does not say who they were. Similarly, the note of the meeting in the Weston News fails to report the identities of the three new councillors, which might be of interest to readers in the parish.
    No doubt the section in the website for “Members” will list the three new councillors in due course. The section should add their contact details and responsibilities as well as including these details for the other councillors, which seems to have been overlooked in the recent past.

  2. Item 19.2 should appear under item 13.2.
    The appeal in the Weston News for suggestions for registering buildings or places as parish assets is to ascertain whether there are any more potential assets of community value. If nothing more arises, the “Community right to bid” item could be dropped from the agenda as has been recommended by councillors quite recently.

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