Associated Documents

Documents relating to the cancelled meeting of 2nd April:

WUPPC PROW Report 27th March 2020

Defibrillators report March 2020

Clerk’s Actions March 2020.docx





Documents for the 5th March 2020 meeting:

WUPPC PROW Report 27th Feb.2020 (1)

Extension of Working Groups Draft 2 (1)

WUPPC Accounts 2019-20 as at 31-01-2020

WUPPC Accounts 2019-20 summary 31-01-2020.xls

Planning application 200378 and draft response from WUPPC

CORRESPONDENCE for 5th March 2020 meeting

Clerk’s Actions Jan-Feb 2020

Notes from Herefordshire Council NDP review meeting 28th February 2020 (1)

Chair’s Report (1)

PG Report JanFeb 2020 (1)


Documents for the 9th January 2020 meeting:

Clerk’s Actions December 2019

CORRESPONDENCE for 9th January 2020 meeting

WUPPC Accounts 2019-20 Budget vs Actual as at 31-12-2019

WUPPC Accounts 2019-20 summary 31-12-2019.xls

WUPPC PROW Report 31.December 2019 (1)

Planning Group Report to PC 03-01-2020 (1)

Footpaths Improvement Proposal January 2020 (1)

Fairfields P194195 – F PC Representation to HC Rev 3 (1) (1)

Millbrook Cotts P184117-O PC Representaion to HC Rev 2 (1)


Documents for the 5th December 2019 meeting:

PG Report November 2019 (1)

Redwood P193575 (1)

Rock Farm P193892 (1)

WUPPC PROW Report 27.November 2019

PC Meeting Paper Dec.2019 – BBLP P3 and Lengthsman Contract (1)


Parish Annual Maintenance Plan 2019 – 2020 – Weston under Penyard (1)

Lengthsman and P3 Briefing Note 19-20 Note- January 2019 DRAFT 0.1 (1)

Clerk’s Actions November 2019.docx

Asset Register

Risk Assessment Schedule 2019

NDP Paper for PC Mtg 5th December

WUPPC Accounts 2019-20 summary 30-11-2019.xls

WUPPC Accounts 2019-20 Budget vs Actual as at 30-11-2019

CORRESPONDENCE for 5th December meeting


Balfour Beatty notes following the Parish Council meeting 3rd October 2019

A40 Weston Relining Outline Sept 2019

Mini Roundabout Draft Sept 2019

A40 Proposed Gateway Entry Sept 2019

A40 Proposed Lining Work – DRAFT – (A1)

Land adjacent The Link 184117 Planning Appeal – PC Response Sept 2019

Proposal to restore wild flower verges August 2019

WUPPC PROW Report 22nd Aug 2019

Asset Register

WUPPC PROW Report 27th June 2019 (1)

S106 Breakdown Amounts MFF Development – Ariconium Place

Tree planting scheme report May 2019

Parish Footpaths Officers Briefing QA Notes (2)

Chair’s Report/Actions April 19

Agenda March 2019 Clerk and Chair’s Actions.docx

Parish Council reply to the parishioner’s February comments:

Financial Management February 2019

Communication and the website February 2019

Programme of work for lengthsman and Prow maintenance Februery 2019

Correspondence below received from parishioner:

WUP PC – Financial Management Feb.2019

WUP PC – Communications and the Website Feb.2019

WUP PC – Programmes of work for Lengthsman and PROW maintenance Feb.2019